Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm Men??s Black-tone Black Dial


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1. Disassemble the genuine product and open the mold, the size is 41
2. Perfectly restore every detail of the genuine case, fully showing the masculine temperament of the genuine product with “clear edges and corners, perseverance and courage”.
3. The workmanship of the steel belt is impeccable, which is higher than that of any steel belt watch on the market. The tightness of the “buffer belt” connecting the steel belt head and the watch head is exactly the same as that of the genuine product.
4. The automatic Tuo pays homage to the original. It is the only version on the market that has the same color as the original (general versions on the market are all reddish). The engraving of the ap family emblem on it is unique.
5. Adopt 9015 movement to change Audemars Piguet CAL.4302 movement, which is more stable, better and more real.
6. The “biscuit texture” of the dial is three-dimensional and full, full of energy!


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